SUSAN MOSER

Susan Moser (born 1965) is a Danish adventurer, businesswoman, big game hunter and a world known expert of natural stones. In her book ”Faith, Stones and Love – An adventurer’s tale” she leads us through the sailings of her life, expeditions, hunting games and professional work.  Read more… 




           THE BOOK


Susan Moser is the author of the short story collection ”Faith, Stones and Love – An Adventurer’s Tale” (2021), that explains the trinity of an engaging and  challenging life. Read the summery of the short story ”The Dead Lioness” 





Susan Moser is open for interviews for most media about her profession, her initiatives, and her life as an adventurer.

She was interviewed to a broad scale of media, including Denmark’s largest business newspaper Børsen, the weekly Søndag, the long read magazine Zetland, CPH Post and the Chinese edition of fashion and feature magazine, Marie Claire.

Do contact Susan Moser for interviews on +45 2122 3276 or e-mail: . Examples of previous interviews on link





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