Susan Moser does lectures for associations, organizations, companies, and the public sector. The lectures are mainly based on Ms. Moser’s book ”Faith, Stones and Love – An Adventurer’s Tale” and focused on the issues 1.Courage, 2. Adventure and 3. A successful business woman in the Middle East – and the rest of the man-world. The lectures to the private audiences are pure storytelling, while the lectures to a business audiences include discussions and common activities.

Video from a lecture about courage:

The concept:

Susan Moser uses herself when explaining how the need for adventure won over the fear – and how she found the necessary courage to outlive what most of us have dreamed of but seldom have been able to fulfill. And how she by following the trail of the family business – natural stone expertise – was able to fund her many adventures and travels. And why she felt it was part of her nature to spend a honeymoon helping to save hordes of stressed water buffaloes in Africa.

Having sold the family company she was not allowed to work in Denmark due to competition  restrictions – and all of a sudden she found herself in the Middle East where she since has established a considerable business in the United Arab Emirates and The Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia – as one of the very few women in the developer- and natural stones industry.

A stroke in the brain a few years ago made her live healthier, but her speed remains high and her patience is still with a ”place for improvement”.  

Enquiries, booking and fees

Mail your enquiries or a booking for a lecture with Susan Moser by mailing to: . Please supply information regarding the event maker, the purpose, schedule, audience, date, time and place.  More information in the flyer.



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